Quiet, Even Air Flow

Quiet Air Conditioning… Felt but not Heard

The air handler in a high velocity air conditioning system is designed to isolate noise and vibration. The air handler system is insulated such that the unit itself is a quiet air conditioning system. At the end of the supply tube there is a sound attenuator that works much like the muffler of an automobile, quieting the sound that exits the supply tubes.

The supply tubes also deliver draft-free heating and cooling. When a conventional system operates, it dumps air into the room, creating up to a 6 degree differencial in temperature across the conditioned space .

Through an air principle called aspiration, the air from high velocity systems enters a room and creates a gentle suction around itself that draws the room air into its stream of air (see aspiration diagram).

Aspiration creates an even, draft free environment.

This has the net affect of lowering the effective room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. From room to room, floor to floor, and floor to ceiling, the temperature differential is no greater than 2 degrees from where you set the thermostat.

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Aspiration Diagram