Small duct HVAC for custom home

AirMart of Texas installs small duct HVAC for custom home in Mexico

AirMart of Texas from Houston, TX was commissioned to oversee the installation of a small duct HVAC system for a one of a kind home in Monterrey Mexico.

This home was primarily made of concrete and glass, with custom stone inlays throughout. Because of the minimal sound insulation and because of the lack of space for a traditional air conditioning system within the design, a small duct HVAC (high velocity air conditioning system) was necessary.

The home required 65 tons of air conditioning for the 18,000 sqft custom home. It required a separate “pump house” to be installed to keep the sound of the compressors away from the home. There is barely a wisper of sound coming through the ducts.

The results are breathtaking.

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