Spot Cooling

Spot cooling is a method of cooling overheated areas within a larger area, as opposed to providing general cooling by means of a remote centrally controlled air-conditioning system. In operation, spot cooling is an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes, and equipment because it directs a localized stream of cool air exactly where it is needed. AirMart of Texas uses spot cooling in a variety of uses, most commonly Outdoor Cooling and Commercial use.

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Outdoor Cooling

Everyone loves a great patio. Whether it be a howeowners outdoor kitchen or alternate seating options for a restaurant, a patio is a great place for del fresco dining.

But on the hot summer days in Texas, patios are difficult for any homeowner or restaurant patron to enjoy.

Outdoor cooling makes those days enjoyable again, and gives more year round use of the patio!

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AirMart of Texas has assisted with a variety of light commercial construction installations and maintenance.

Churches, restaurants, storage facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings and more are types of companies we have experience with.

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